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Welcome to Term 3 2016 Snowy River Campus Students Print E-mail

The Snowy River Campus welcomes students from the following School teams to start their School for Student Leadership Program in Term 3, 2016 and join the Snowy River Communityas part of Snowy River - China and our Snowy River On-Campus Programs:

School Teams attending the SNOWY RIVER CAMPUS in Term 3 2016:

Victorian Young Leaders to China Program

Students going to China – under the Victorian Young Leaders to China (VYLC) program

Hume Region:

  • Wangaratta High School
  • Euroa Secondary College
  • Rutherglen High School
  • Bright P12 College
  • Mansfield Secondary College
  • Yarrawonga College P12
  • Alexandra Secondary College
Students arrive at the SSL Snowy River Campus on Sunday 17 July and leave for China Saturday 6 August. Students return to Australia on Saturday 17 September, with pick-up at Tullamarine Airport .

The Five Week On-Campus Program:

  • Wanganui Park Secondary College
  • Melton Secondary College
  • Braybrook College
  • Nossal High School
  • Sunday 14 August (Student Arrival) – Saturday 17 September (Student Departure)