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Fourth letter home to Parents of Snowy River Campus Students Term 3
- 5 September 2018

Hello again! I trust you all enjoyed your Visiting Weekend. I have heard the usual (for us) mixed reports from your sons and daughters about the week, but more good than otherwise, which is totally normal! Some said, “It was great to see mum and dad, but I couldn’t wait to get back “HOME…!”And the home they refer to is ....sorry to say this…here. You need to be assured that the time of real settlement at Snowy is now happening for your son or daughter. Paradoxically, the time of departure is also fast approaching. I am sure you will notice the difference in your son or daughter between the recent visit and the conclusion on Saturday 22 September 2018.

Exploring on the 3 Day Expo

Reminder: Departure Day

Don’t forget that you are invited to be a part of the Departure Ceremony.
Be here seated by 9.30am (no later and enjoy seeing the development of your child) on Saturday 22 September. seated and ready to watch your child’s documentary, the presentation of certificates and student reflections on the term and the student farewell story read by staff.

Some parents and families may wish to make arrangements for their son’s/daughter’s to travel home alone, on alternative transport or with other families. The tone and type of departure and the ability of parents to participate in that symbolic gesture are, from our experience, incredibly powerful and necessary components of the experience. If parents wish to or need to make alternative arrangements, please contact us at the school, either via your child’s teacher here, directly to us. Please visit this page and download the Unsupervised Travel form to enable us to let your son/daughter travel alone from here, and email/fax us this form and advise our office manager at the desk.

Our students share with us that the time here is going too fast for them; but we know as adults know that life seems to do just that!

With every good wish.
On behalf of the team of staff at Snowy.

[This is a snapshot of the most recent letter - please download and read the letter for full information]

Mark Reeves (Principal) & Robyn Francis (Campus Principal - Snowy River Campus)