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Day 56 here at Snowy and I'm really beginning to understand the quote "don’t count the days, make the days count!" Everything is flying by so quickly! 

Yesterday we had the day we’ve been waiting for which was CLP day! I was lucky enough to be chosen to represent Snowy in the morning as Student Leader with David which was a massive honour! My nerves were going crazy all morning however the moment I stepped behind the podium all my nerves disappeared! This is all thanks to the massive support the staff and students gave me beforehand and I doubt the day would of went as well as it did if it hadn’t of been for their help.

Here at Snowy everyone has bonded so much! I no longer view them as Students and Staff I now just look at each and every one of them as family. 

We have all grown up so much since the beginning and I now no longer recognise myself, I now see the girl I always strived to be in the past and for that I am eternally grateful to Snowy River Campus.

Snowy will always be my home and I wish the students of 2015 and many many years after that they too have the time of their lives and to treat each day like it’s their last!