At the End ... Print E-mail

We are getting to the end of our experience here at Snowy. Being here has opened my eyes to many new things and it’s been great. At the start we were 45 strangers who had never met any of the people here except for our school group and now, at the end we are like one big, happy family. None of us want to leave but we are all excited about seeing our family once again. It’s been a challenge being here but it’s been well worth it. I would say the hardest thing about being here would definitely be going outside of my comfort zone and starting conversations with new people at the start if the program. I have overcome that challenge because I have 44 new friends now ☺ A message I would like to pass onto the students who are coming to Snowy term one 2015 would have to be YOLO the experience. If you ever second guess anything just say YOLO and do it. Seriously don’t care of what people think because those who care don’t matter and those who matter, care.

Amy, Timboon P-12