Simana and Brayden's CLP Day Print

Brayden and I were the Student Leaders for the second half of our CLP Day. It was very enjoyable to be given the opportunity to take on this role.

It was a challenge we both accepted. Being able to speak publicly to an audience formally was quite an experience & trying to find a polite way to tell the guests to depart by 4 was pretty hard but funny. The CLPs were a great success & everything went down well. Surprisingly there were not too many nerves & everyone seemed hyped to hurry up & present. I guess the Rest Day served us well & gave everyone a boost. We also ended the long day on a high with the Film Festival which was great fun & a good time to sit back & just relax. A good highlight of the day was celebrating our brother Simmy’s 16th birthday and just seeing him smile.

Simana and Brayden