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Wangaratta SC - CLP: Healthy Eating

CLP School Details

School: Wangaratta High School
Students: Alister Pirie, Chante` Bock, Kathryn Hindle, Sally Walker, Shelley-Anne Stinson.
Liaison Teacher: Mr Martin Cairns
SRC Teacher: Miss Barb McKimmie
Term: Term 2, 2008

Project Overview

Aim: We hope to teach primary school children in our local community about the benefits of healthy living at a young age.
Background: We were concerned because there is a growing population of obesity and overweight people in our society and we want to do something about it. It is our hope that we can make a difference through positive role modeling, informed education and provision of novel activities.
Key Information: We are visiting local kindergartens and running a day with them to about healthy living. We will engage the students through games, interactive presentations, healthy eating sessions and we will send them home with a recipe book and a vegetable plant.

SRC Work Summary

  • We’ve been working hard on organizing dates, materials, sponsors, plans and people for our healthy eating project.
  • We have completed our master plan. Our master plan outlines- who we are, what our project is, the details of the project, our school and our time at SRC.
  • We have made a day plan for the day at the kinders for our project days.
  • We have prepared our presentations for the kinder days.
  • We have visited the local kinder in Orbost to see how we could interact with the kinder students and how they learnt best.
  • We have made a healthy eating cook book to show kids how to make fruits and vegetables fun, simple and enjoyable.
  • We have organised funding for fruit for our kinder visits and the funding for the cook books. We have been funded by local Wangaratta businesses- New Fruit, Country Glen and Parklane Nursery.
  • We have organised the dates for visiting the kinders when we get back home.

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