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Written by Snowy River Campus, Term 4 2016   

Our Phoenix P-12 Community College team comes from the Ballarat area. The whole team came to the School for Student Leadership (SSL) Snowy River Campus to gain leadership skills, find ourselves, gain social relationships and teamwork skills. The members of our team are Mitchell Collins, Amber Dennis, Trisha Frankie, Sharon George, Kobie Judd and Hayley Page. While here at the School for Student Leadership we are creating a Community Learning Project (CLP). Our title is ‘The Phoenix, The Student and The Wardrobe’. Our vision and motto is to see everyone in school uniform ready to learn and if students don’t have the appropriate school wear because they can’t afford it, they shouldn’t be punished. We hope all students can be assisted by ‘The Phoenix, The Student and The Wardrobe’ team and to give help to those who need it. Our Community Learning Project (CLP) is to start a uniform fund full of second hand clothes to sell at a cheaper price to less fortunate families. We chose this topic because at school many students are being told off for not wearing the right school uniform. At times this is because their families can’t afford the uniform. This project will benefit our school by helping less fortunate families get school uniforms and will keep their children out of trouble.

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Some of our team highlights so far would be leaving home to attend this school for the term. Some of my personal highlights have been Canoeing, Bridge Building, Surfing, eating cake, meeting new people, Halloween, Coastal Environments and the Thinking and Learning classes. All of these classes have been teaching us problem solving, teamwork and organisation.. and the cake tastes pretty good!!