Terang SC Year 9 Student Leadership Team on a ‘special’ leadership journey Print
Written by Snowy River Campus   

Our school leadership team at the Snowy River Campus consists of Tegan, Brett, Mahni, Tom and Isaac. The reason our team came to the School for Student Leadership is because we all wanted to become better leaders and to expand our knowledge of how we think together and separately, we wanted to learn life and leadership skills. We also would like to learn more about ourselves and expand our horizons.

Our Community Learning Project (CLP) is to help the special students from the local Special School get more involved in the community as we think that they are often a lost part of our community. As a whole we will achieve this by running some activities with the special students with a focus on developing relationships with our P4 campus and the Hampden Special School.  The P-4 campus and the Hampden special School share the same school grounds as it is but we feel they don’t have enough time to form friendship bonds with them.

Our team’s vision for our CLP is to make the students and other people around see the students from the special school as normal people and not as different but as equal people. Our motto is ‘better relations, better minds’. This motto is relevant to our cause because most people we have met see people with disabilities as ‘lesser’ people, so we feel that we need to change their attitudes by getting them to get more involved with the special students and broadening their minds and understanding. The reason we choose this project is because the special school is often not involved in the community and not many people have an Idea what goes on in the school or understands people with disability. So we thought it would be a good idea to bring light and recognition to the school.

CLP Team - Terang Secondary College

Here is a photo of our CLP team. We all come from a small town called Terang which is about an eight-hour drive from the Snowy River Campus.  As a team we get along well which is a good thing. When we are working on our CLP we get the work done in the time given to us.

The way the Snowy River Campus is different to our school and a normal school is that every day we have a two student leaders who leads the student community and presents throughout the whole day goals, the program and the duties which we have to do every day which could be from doing dishes to feeding and putting the away the chooks.

Also, Snowy is different from a normal school because we stay on Campus for most days and get up at 6:30am and go to bed at 9:30pm. We have expeditions where we leave the campus for three days and go hiking or canoeing and also do other outdoor activities including surfing and indoor classes focusing on how we learn best. To date, our time at the Snowy River Campus has been great and I would recommend the experience to anyone.