Brain Quadrants & Surfing - an exciting week! Print
Written by Cyndee B, Term 1 2009 Snowy Student   

Well I am now in my second week here at the Alpine School at the Snowy River Campus. It is the 12th of February today. In the morning until lunchtime I had the class Thinking and Learning where we are learning about all the different brain quadrants, which one we are and the team’s main brain quadrant. I really enjoy this class and I am learning many things. I never really knew there were different parts of the brain!

The teachers were really good during the class and very helpful. All the other kids in the group seemed to enjoy it and were enthusiastic about it! I learnt that my main learning preference is the yellow and red quadrant which means I imagine, talk a lot and express my emotions.

In the afternoon our Expo teams went surfing, some already knew how to surf but others didn’t. There were two surf instructors and they were a great help. The teachers were really supportive and encouraging as well as the team! It was such fun, I really enjoyed it. I got up about five times; it put a huge smile on my face. I really enjoyed myself, I loved it!

We still have three lessons to come which will be awesome! I had an awesome day and I am really enjoying my stay at the Snowy River Campus. Today before I went surfing I was feeling very excited but very nervous. Now I am feeling very pumped for my next lesson and proud that I stood up!
Cydnee B