Old fashioned photography at Cape Conran Print
Written by Emily G, Term 1 Snowy Student   
Hey, This is Emily G from expo group 1B and I'm going to tell you all about another exciting day at the Snowy River Campus. This morning we went out to Cape Conran with SLR cameras to do some photography. It was slightly strange getting used to using a good ol' fashioned film camera after using a digital camera for the past 4 weeks, but after a while we really got a feel for them and I reckon we all took some really good shots! The beach we went to was also really beautiful.
In the afternoon, we did ‘Presentation Skills’ with Miss Merritt. Everyone had to bring something of interest to present to the class. I brought one of my books, ‘The story of Ferdinand’. I did well, apparently, but I discovered I can't stay still for more than 10 seconds. Everyone's presentations were really interesting, I never knew that Riley played hockey & Zac played the guitar until today! Turns out you learn something new every day, haha!

So there you go, just another day at SRC!