1B Makes Record Time on First EXPO! Print
Written by Sarah A, Term 1 Snowy Student   

Hey guys, Sarah A here to report back on 1B's first expo, here it is:

On the 26th of February team 1B set off on their expo adventure.  With the teachers, Mr. Morton and Miss Moore leading the way, this was not hard to forget!!!  It all started at 9am; we packed our bags and headed onto the bus at around 9.30am.  Mr Morton drove the bus to our destination but from then on we had to walk to get to our campsite.

We got out of the bus, took our bags out and had a team meeting.  Then Emily.K (her team role was welfare) decided that we could all do some stretches, it was funny :)

10.05am  was when we started walking.  Our first part of the expo was walking in the bush.  It was tough and challenging, but we managed to get through it and reach our campsite at the exact time of 3.30pm.

We got to our campsite and the first thing we saw was the giant dunny that we use when we need to go to the toilet, but only for number 2’s because it was a fair way away from our camp site.  So instead of using the toilet when doing number 1’s we used the bush.  Bush Pees, don’t you just love them!!!!! Haha.

After setting up our tents and cooking circle we went for a walk down to Dock Inlet, the crystal clear lake, then we swam.  It was so cool because the water was so clear that you could see almost every part of your body, underneath the water :):)  We swam for about half an hour and then we swam over to the sand dunes.

We had our tea and dessert, the dessert was so so good :) Then did our review for the day on the beach, which was run by Max and went to bed at 10pm. Me and my tent buddie stayed up until 12.30am, we regret that so much!!!

Set off at 8.20am. We walked on the beach today and it seemed much harder, but we made record time and finished the 7k in 2 and a half hours. WE RULE!!! We had lunch on the beach and then we were finished. When we reached the rock i kissed it :)

So relieved, we all gave eachother a hug and congratulated everyone for finishing their first expo!
WELL DONE 1B :):):)
Sarah A!!!