When 2B went Enviro Bike Riding! Print
Written by Easter, Term 1 Snowy Student   

It was Friday the 13th of March; 2B (St. Albans and Terang College) set off to Cabbage Tree Palms to go bike riding. It was 20-22km, from school. We went with Mr. Boonstra, Mr. Conroy and Ms Stevens. We went over many hills; some were very scary for some of us and some were fun which many of us enjoyed. We thought the lesson was only going to be about riding a bike for a long time; but we also saw what an industrial tree coupe looks like when the government claims that they have burnt the forest for regrowth.

The place was filled with logs, branches and ashes lying around like a mess with the surroundings also damaged. When the loggers burnt the area, the trees which weren’t burnt were half burnt which damaged what they have provided for animals and the ecosystem. Bike riding was an interesting lesson about the environment.

After the lesson we headed off back to school. We were riding back in twos which was good for those who were not confident enough with their bike riding skills. Through our bike riding journey there were many ups and downs; many of us were exhausted, hurting or injured from accidents. Some of us fell and collapsed off the bike and got back up and started again. Those who were good at bike riding helped those who were struggling which showed how our team communicates, co-operates and how determined we are with our goals and at helping each other.

Bike riding was AWESOME, many of us doubted our abilities but at the end we all achieved our goals which meant something valuable happened that day! Bike riding showed what good a team 2B is!!