At Last, a Chance to Relax Print
Written by Tegan, Snowy Student, Term 1 2009   

Today I did yoga, which can be incredibly relaxing! As a group we walked over to the aerodrome. Lucky for us, it was very sunny, and a lovely walk!!

At the start of the lesson, our teacher introduced herself, and got us to lie down on our backs, with our head to her and palms up. She went through a relaxation technique. Breathing is important during yoga and we concentrated on breathing right down to our abdominal muscles. We went up our bodies, relaxing our feet, calves then thighs and so on, until our whole body was completely relaxed. It was good to finally have a relaxation session, after stressing out all week!! The yoga instructor had a very soothing voice, and it makes you want to go to sleep. I’m sure I heard a few people snoring!

We went through some basic stretches, and we were told to only stretch as far as you can. In yoga it is very important not to strain your lower back too much, and the instructor kept reminding us!!

At the end of the session, we had another relaxation, which was better, because our minds and body were already pretty relaxed. We went through the same thing, only it dragged on a bit longer, which was great. I nearly fell asleep, but somehow I managed to stay awake!!

The walk back was just as good as the walk over to the aerodrome. The entire area around campus is so lush and pretty. So... picturesque, you just wish you had your camera with you all the time!!

Before yoga, I worked on my Passport. A Passport contains all the different things you have learnt while here. There is a criterion which you must follow, but the best part is decorating! You can be as creative as you like with your passport. Some people even like to make digital passports, which are also really cool!!

Anyway, I better stop typing, before my fingers fall off!! See you!

Tegan, St Albans Secondary College