Tom's Update on Snowy Life Print
Thursday, 11 March 2010 15:16

Today we didn’t have the most interesting of days as we did our passport and CLP, so nothing outdoor or exciting. One of the groups though went on their second expo, a three day camp sort of thing because they get dropped off somewhere and then they hike over Mount Raymond and then they get into a river which they canoe in and then when they have canoed they go hiking up to a paddock and camp there. The next day they hike back to the canoes and canoe further down the river into the snowy and then they walk up to a place and go camping there. After they have camped there for the night they go back to the canoes and then they canoe all the way down to frenches narrows, a place where we swim, and then they dump the canoes there for the next group (Us) and then they walk along the beach all the way back to campus. So when we go we will go the opposite way and we will be able to get in the canoes at frenches narrows and then we do the same thing that they did except in reverse to what they did, we leave on Thursday.  

Also one of the group’s today did surfing, my roommate was in that group and he said that the waves were so big that he struggled to get out to the right place to catch them.

Everything has been cool here at snowy; everyone is getting along and starting to become really, really good friends. We all socialise after Dearr by playing different sports and so that is really cool. We are now on the last few weeks of the program and I can’t believe how fast it has gone.

Tom-Swifts Creek