Izzy's Clean-up Day Print
Sunday, 07 March 2010 15:16
Hey hey!
So it’s the day after Parent Visiting Weekend, and everyone here at SRC had a fantastic weekend with our family and friends. For some of us, it was great going home and sleeping in our own beds for a night. And for others, it was awesome eating the foods we missed! For example, some of them were chocolate, lollies, ice-cream, chips, Maccas, KFC, Subway... Yep, heaps of junk food. But me, my dad cooked up a delicious Chinese feast where I got to eat lots of rice and have those yummy Chinese flavours in my mouth once again. Meeting others’ parents and families was also exciting, so was showing the family around SRC, which now feels like our 2nd home. But soon enough our weekend was over and we all had to return to SRC. That wasn’t much of a negative though; we’re all like family here and everyone’s having a great time. It’s hit us that we’re half way and we don’t have much longer to go, so we’re all making the most of our time.
Today 1A had Expo 2 prep; they’re off on another expo so soon! Hopefully they are all packed and good luck to them. As for the rest of us, 1B, 2A and 2B, we had Refocus/Passport. We discussed why we were here and got stuck into finishing our passports. We’ve only got 4 weeks to go so some of us really need to dig deep and work really hard to complete the criteria’s of our passports.
For afternoon class 1B had First Aid Scenarios and are currently sitting a test! Hopefully they’ll all pass! For 2A and 2B, we had Community Service. We went to Point Richardo and met Ranger Mike there. It used to be really, really dirty with rubbish flying everywhere but now it’s looking pretty smart. When we arrived we didn’t see any rubbish, but little did we know there was loads and loads of rubbish hiding behind trees and in all the bushes! Core 2 spent around 40 minutes in teams of 4-5 picking up rubbish and keeping the place clean. Some of us got surprised with some smelly rotted bait and human faeces!!! But we all got the job done and the place was looking spotless. We had time to spare so we all walked down the track, to the beach. There we had a game of Foxholes and had a play around.

Catch ya
Izzy from 2B-Bairnsdale SC