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Sunday, 14 March 2010 15:16

 EPIC Expo
On Thursday 11th March 2B left to go to on a three day canoe/hike to Mt Raymond. We started at about 10:30 with our heavy packs on our backs and set out for the beach. Once we were on the beach we hiked for 3km, where we met up with 2A who had almost finished their expedition. There we swapped into canoe’s, had lunch and started our canoeing journey. We all hopped into our canoe and paddled to the Marlo Angling club where we picked up our water for the night, paddled across the river to our camping spot and settled down to a wonderful sunset.

Day 2 of our expo, we woke up at 6am and had breakfast. Then we packed up all our gear into our bags and started to head off for the day to our next destination. The day was pretty hard with us having headwinds the whole way up the Brodribb River. We stopped occasionally, switching partners to get a faster and stronger team of canoe partners happening. We stopped for lunch about 2km out of where we were camping for the night. We stayed in the middle of a paddock with cows and lots of mosquitoes.

Our last day of Expo was pretty tiring. We woke up at 5:00am and sang happy birthday to Sam and packed all of our stuff up by 7 o’clock which we were on the water, trying to beat the 30km headwinds which were coming at late morning to early afternoon. We only had to canoe for 3 and a half kilometres on the first day, past the Curlip and onto dry land. There we hiked for about 6km where we reached the top of Mt Raymond. Everyone was glad to see the bus when it came to pick us up. We all enjoyed our last expo together and it was a really great time to spend our last few weeks as a team together.

Grayceson- Rosebud Secondary