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Written by Abbey and Nathan   

Today the 19th of March we were student leaders, it was also our third rest day, which was different for the both of us because we have never been student leader on a rest day.  Even thought there were no classes the day was still enjoyable, in the morning there was a soccer tournament, it was a very exciting game but unfortunately it was a draw. In the afternoon half of the students went to the beach whilst the other half relaxed, ate popcorn and watched a movie. The both of us really enjoyed listening to everyone playing their instruments.

Abbey’s personal goal was to work on her passport - I was quite happy with what I achieved on my passport, finishing the front page and working on all the criteria’s. Nathan’s goal was to clean his room. I was very proud to achieve my goal and so was my roommate, my room is now very neat and tidy. The community goal was for Nathan and I to run evening class. Unfortunately their was a last minute change to the program so we could not run evening class.

We both had a great day relaxing and being student leaders. We really noticed how we have to step up now because we are in the 5th week now and really have to start being more responsible and independent.  Over all we had an amazing day and are looking forward to the next few weeks.

By Abbey and Nathan.