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Did you know that 55 million children in India work as child slaves?

We learnt this yesterday when we saw a short film about a Canadian boy who at the age of 12 founded the Free the Children charity that worked to free slave children in India and other countries. It was a real eye opener to how lucky we are here in Australia.

We also had Thinking and Learning. It is much more interesting than it sounds. We talked about the different parts of the brain and how they worked. We also had to try memorize 20 random words, then count backwards from 50 in threes and then write all the words we remembered. Some people made up a story to remember the words, others made up a song and some people just said the words over and over in their heads. Everyone has different learning style.

Two nights ago 2B hosted an evening class of ‘Thank God You’re Here’, if you can remember the TV show. We were separated into teams and each team elected the actor who did not know what the scenario was. The team would then act out a random scenario and the elected actor would come out and improvise, trying to guess what scenario he/she was in. It was very entertaining and everyone enjoyed it.

Max and Danae