Tiger's Canoeing Journey Print

On Monday the 4th of March my expo team, 1A, left the campus at 10:30, we hiked along tracks avoiding the main road because of traffic and headed towards Marlo. When we got there we picked up canoes from the angling club and travelled across the Mouth Of The Snowy to the Slips where we stayed night one. We went for a swim and cooked our own dinners before going to the beach for some star gazing. It was a great first day and it was the start of a great expo.

After waking up in the morning, having breakfast and packing up the campsite we got back in our canoes and travelled past the First and Second islands, then began our journey up the Brodribb river, the current was in our favour so we ended up floating about half the way along it, it sounds like a relaxing journey but with our group it was always filled with laughing and singing as we travelled to our destination. We took a creek and set up camp in a paddock where we made a fence to keep out the cows. Again we took a swim in the creek but this time there was a very strong current and you couldn’t touch the bottom, no matter how hard you tried.

Tiger's Canoe Journey

On the final day we got in our canoes for the last time, however since the next group would be using our canoes we had to take an extra one with us so two people single paddled a canoe each, I gave it a go and it was an interesting experience but I kept up and we made it there in the end. The place where we parked our canoes was Lake Curlip. We then put our packs on and began the walk up to Mt Raymond, we reached the summit and had a look at the huge radio tower built at the top, we then began our descent down the other side. One moment we are all walking down the path and the next the people at the front are screaming because they saw the car, I don’t think it was because they didn’t enjoy expo, I think it was more of the fact they hadn’t had a shower in three days.

Well that’s how our expo ended, one of the best experiences I have had here but hopefully not the last.

Tiger - Kew HS