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So as I am in 1A we are always the first group to go on expo, so on Monday morning we took off to go on our 3 day expo. My role for the day was Team Manager so I had to keep the day running smoothly. We left the Snowy River Campus at 10:30 and walked from the campus to Marlo’s Angling club to pick up our canoes and then go over to The Slips to stay the night at a camp ground there. It was a really nice place and it was so peaceful, as we were doing our daily reflection we were watching the fishermen feed the pelican which was really cool. I slept in a 3 man tent with Holly and Sara this time which was so funny but what happened in the tent stays in the tent …

Madi's Expo Bliss

The next morning we got woken up at 6:30 so we all got up had breakfast then packed up our tents and packed our packs ready to get going again. My role for today was Navigator, my goal was to not get us lost and I’m glad I succeeded with that goal otherwise I would have had some unhappy team members. So when we were all ready we all got in our canoes and took off with a whole day of canoeing ahead of us. My canoeing partner was Jaimee and we worked pretty well together. After a really long day of canoeing we stayed the night in a paddock full of cows which was loud, but interesting…

Again we got waken up early but on the 3rd morning it was 6:00 and I was time keeper for the day so I got woken up and then had to wake up everybody else. We canoed for about 4km until we got to Lake Curlip and today my canoeing partner was Tiger. Once we got out of our canoes we changed our shoes and started our hike up to the top of Mount Raymond. We reached the top of Mount Raymond at 4:00 then had to walk 1km to get to the car!

The car was in our sights so Josie and I screamed as loud as we could and were so excited just to get back and have a really nice shower.

Madison - Bellarine SC