Friendships that will Last Forever Print

At Snowy I have made some amazing friendships, friendships that will literally last forever. Everyone at the SSL has an amazing attitude towards others and everyone is so nice to each other. I feel like I could tell everyone here my biggest secret ever because they are all just great friends. I am always going to keep in touch with these amazing people here, I love them so much! It’s also such a great place to get to know more people and make more friends because you literally eat, sleep and breath with them. They have seen you at your best and they have seen you at your worst but they still like you for you. At Snowy I feel like I can be myself around all of my peers , I have never been afraid of anyone laughing at me or saying something behind my back because I know these people as if I have known them for years but it’s only been 6 weeks and I trust them with everything.

Kimberley - Maffra SC