Chill Day Print

Today we had a really chillaxing day.
1A had CLP 6, which was a lesson on Presenting. We used this time wisely and printed off our Master Plan and planned our presentations for CLP day.
After that we had a relaxing session of yoga, after many painful stretches we spent the last thirty minutes doing a relaxation class.
Tomorrow we have busy time and we will get started on the volley ball court.
1B had Busy Time where many of us were doing many useful jobs around the campus like sweeping the big shed for fifty five minutes STRAIGHT and doing building projects.
After that we had conflict resolution where we learnt about resolving conflicts, this will be very useful in the future.
Prina leant that she was an accommodating teddy bear.
Tomorrow we have relaxation and first aid scenarios.
2A had First Aid where they learnt how to treat someone with a first aid issue; they are now going through test results.
Tomorrow 2B will return from expo and we can’t wait to reunite with them and be whole again.
Overall we have had a wonderful, successful and productive day which is helpful for the community.

By Helsen- Diamond Valley College and Prina- Viewbank College