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Quote of the Day

"I've never responded well to entrenched negative thinking."  ~ David Bowie.

Today was a pretty relaxed day. For AM class today we had a "Going Home" lesson which is a passport section. We were told that we need to write about what we are going to do in terms of goals when we return home. We needed to write about long term goals and short term goals and how we may be able to achieve this and how we may use skills from snowy to help or assist this. It was a pretty relaxed class, which was nice. I finished early and got to work on my POL as well. For PM class we had guest speaker Anthony Hill come in and talk to us about plastics pollution in the ocean. He talked to use about how much plastic ends up in the oceans and how it never goes away. Animals mistake it for food and other things and end up seriously injured or even dead. We also learnt about how we can help or change this. We can do things like using eco-friendly shopping bags and stop using the plastic ones at supermarkets. We can also donate to different organizations that help to try and stop plastic pollution. At the end of the lesson we travelled to the beach where we searched the beach and rock pools for plastic, glass or anything that wasn't natural. It was nice at the end because I felt like I helped out the ocean in a way. It may have been small but the smallest things can make a difference.

Quinn's Learning How to Save Our Oceans

For last nights "class" we had formal night. Formal night was tons of fun. All the guys got dressed un in nice shirts and ties. We had lots of fun even before it began. Formal night started with a three course meal organized by the cooking committee. For entre we had potato and leek soup. For main we had lasagne and for dessert we had chocolate ripple cake. All of the meals were nice and it was a good way to start formal night. For the rest of the night we played fun games and danced. The highlight was when we had the dance off between the boys and the girls. It was really intense and in the end the boys brought it home, beating the girls.

By Quinn, Bellarine