Sharni's CLP Day Print

Sharni's CLP Day

Today was CLP day and I was nominated to be student leader for the day. I was really pumped to be student leader today as it gave me the chance to speak confidently in front of a big crowd and also be involved in an important role during the day. I thought that today the community worked really well supporting others with boosting encouraging and cheering for others.

We really worked well with time management today. We were very efficient and organized, we did really well with the setup of the room before the guest arrived, we all chipped in a gave a helping hand. All the guest had gone by 3:30 which gave us 30 minutes of spare time. We were extremely efficient with removing the tables from the common room to set up the room for the CLP presentations. I thought that my CLP team worked really well supporting each other helping us through our lines. Before our actual presentation we got two thorough practises done and in the spare time we all practised our lines by ourselves. My CLP team decided early in the term to do their CLP on homelessness, we are raising awareness, funds and food donations in many different ways to complete our CLP. My CLP team over all of the CLP including planning were very co-operative and helpful though the process. Everyone put in an equal amount of effort and tried their very best at presenting today. We are all passionate about out CLP which makes our presentation even easier to present as we all want to see a change in the homeless population. I thought I used my time very wisely altering from practising what I am saying for my CLP presentation and my student leader speeches. I thought all my practise and effort paid off as the day run smoothly and successfully. Areas for improvement I thought maybe for my CLP team we could be more positive when having to do work in our spare time.

By Sharni- Bellarine