1B Yoga Print

On the 6th of June, IB had a yoga class. It was in the afternoon and the sun was shining.

Mr Gladstone walked with us from SRC campus, all the way to the aerodrome. We entered the building, wearing trackies and other loose clothing and were greeted by the smell of lavender. Our instructor, Bob, gave us each a mat, a sheep skin rug and a rubber block. We were all expecting yoga to be a peaceful relaxing time but each of us were pushed to our limits. We stretched things we’d never stretched before and went places none of us thought we would.

It took everyone a while to get settled but eventually everyone really began to enjoy the session and found it extremely beneficial, especially as it followed directly after our three day expo.

1b YogaTo start the class we learnt about our breathing and how we should always take our breaths through our nostrils. ‘You can breath through your mouth when you can eat through your nose’ as Bob put it. We began some basic stretches then learnt positions such as the cow, the cat and also the ‘how ya goin’ pose. Some of us found out just how flexible we were and others found out just how flexible they weren’t.

Bob was a really good instructor and made the most of the hour we had. For the last twenty minutes we layed on the sheep skin rugs and were given a lavender eye mask each. We had to relax our bodies and empty our heads of thoughts. If a thought entered our heads we had to just watch it and not think about it. No one moved a muscle and the room was completely silent, until one or two people began snoring. It was really good to take the time to just breath and relax.

After the class 99% of us agreed that we wanted to do more yoga in the future. It was a really fun afternoon and everyone got some laughs out of it.

By Elizabeth W