Life at Snowy Print

Today I found myself riding a bike. I haven’t ridden a bike since I was eleven. I’ve discovered that, even though my bike riding skills are a little bit rusty, I still enjoy it as much as I used to when I was eleven. It’s astonishing what you can accomplish when you’re pushed out of your comfort zone.

The people I’ve met here is so amazing. You’d think being stuck with forty-five teenagers would be daunting, but honestly, they are so friendly and kind. I am already dreading just thinking about leaving them. I am actually shocked that everyone made friends so easily. In the outside world, it’s complicated because you have to deal with cliques, here, there are none. You can go sit with anyone without expecting to be rejected. By approximately the second day, we were already creating great friendships.
Everyone that I know who has attended a School for Student Leadership has mentioned that your nine weeks go so fast that you wonder where it all went on your way home and right now, I am in a state of awe. The first two weeks here have gone by so quickly, we’re already organising the dates to see each other again at the end of Snowy. It already upsets me just thinking about leaving all the friends I’ve made here.
I encourage everyone who is going to attend Snowy or who is thinking about applying to go to an SSL to definitely go for it. I admit I had doubts at first because I had no camping or outdoors experience whatsoever, but as the date for my first expo grows near, I find myself being filled with excitement. It’s an opportunity you can’t deny.