Expo 1 Print

Today 2A came back from Expo One, that’s my expo group. On Saturday the 8th 2A left at around 9:10 to start on our journey to Dock Inlet. Dock Inlet is approximately 8km away from where we got dropped off. By the time we started walking towards Dock Inlet it was about 10:10am. 1A at Dock Inlet

With our heavy packs we left the bus and began walking, the walk was very pretty and for about 1.5km it was all grass and trees. After that it was 6.5km of beach, it was pretty tough walking along the beach and most of our group felt like we were going nowhere. I think we did pretty well as we only stopped about 10 times along the beach. We were all so relieved to see the reflector pole that lead us towards Dock Inlet. It wasn’t very far till we reached our camping spot. When we got to our camping spot we all set up camp and we got there so early that we could go for a swim, even though the water was ice cold. My favourite part of the Expo was the review under the stars, there were so many in the sky, it was mind blowing. The 2nd day wasn’t nearly as bad as the first day. On the second day we all entertained each other with riddles and putting rocks in each other’s packs. I think that we all did really well on the Expo as there was surprisingly hardly any complaining. It’s taken me a while to write this, so Expo 2 is coming up very soon. Everyone is so excited.2A IS THE BEST!  
 Stefanie, Beechworth Secondary College.