Time Flies when you’re having Fun! Print

Josh tackling the human knotThe third week is almost gone and it feels like it has only been a couple of days. This is probably because I have been having so much fun and time has just been flying past.

We had a rest day a couple of days ago and I definitely love rest days now because we are always so active and it’s nice to have days were you can have a rest. You can do other things if you want but I decided to take the rest option considering the day before I had my first Expo and that was one of the most exhausting things I had ever done!We had a guest speaker by the name of Sgt Jo Lomas to come in and talk to us and the other two campuses last night about Cyber Bullying and how to be safe on the internet and it was really interesting. I think everyone learnt heaps and will be a lot more cautious now. It was also pretty cool how we involved the other campuses via the HDTV’s!

So far I have loved the experience here at Snowy and I have already learnt so much and it’s only been three weeks!

I can’t wait for my second Expo, because I know it will be a huge challenge for me and I like a bit of a challenge so wish me luck because I will probably need it!

See Ya!
Joshua, Yarrawonga