Rest Day 4 Print

Hey Im Peter and i’m from Yarrawonga P-12 College.

Today was another rest day and I think I made the most of it.

All I did for the first half of the rest day was listen to some music, chat to people, attempt to play table-tennis and mainly do nothing.

For the second half of the day, my-self and a few others went photographing near Salmon Rocks, East Cape.

The rocks were a beautiful shade of red and I saw a dozen crabs nestled amongst the rocks, and kelp forests everywhere.

We used the SLR cameras that David Tatnell showed us how to work and each of us had a roll of film, each roll took 24 photos, but the detail was amazing and can’t wait to develop them.

After our adventure at the rocks, the group gathered and we set off just round the corner of the rocks, and another set of rocks, bigger and beautiful that the ones we were just at.

These rocks were more dangerous though and many people nearly fell, though one of the group thinks he’s ninja and did awesome jumps across massive crevices that I myself and a few others were just able to make.

Well that just about sums up my day for you.