mY ReST DaY Print

Hey my name’s Tess. I’m from Beechworth Secondary College. Today we had a rest day which was lots of fun. For the first half of my day I read my book outside, relaxed and hung out with friends. For the second half of my day just after head count a small group of us hired out some of the camera’s the school has and took the bus down to Salmon rocks where we walked around everywhere climbing on the big rocks trying to take good photo’s of the water and any other things we might of liked. After being out at Salmon Rocks for a while, we all grouped back together and went for a short walk just around the corner. We stayed for what felt like a short period of time before we headed back to the bus and came back to school. Once we got back to school Stefanie and I were rushed into the meeting room because the Beechworth group (my group) were doing a HD TV link up with our home school and we got to see some of our friends and a couple of the teachers from home. At the end of the day it was a very fun rest day.