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Today was half a rest day for core 2.  In the morning 2A had Peer skills I learnt how to speak to someone and showed them you’re interested, how to stand out the front and have good body posture. When that class was done we had lunch which was nice. Then for the rest of the day we had a rest day. I sat outside with a few people on my laptop checking emails and getting photos, I watched not even half of a movie “Kicking and Screaming”. The weekend that just pasted was Parent Visiting weekend and I saw everyone. My mum picked me up from the campus and my sisters and dad were waiting for me at the caravan park. We went down to the river and the Pub for lunch. It was really good to see them all. I also had other people visit and they stayed with us, it was great to see them too. Before they dropped me back at the campus I took them to where we surf and do activities, they liked it I hope. Then they dropped me off and it starts all over again. Only 4 weeks left, it’s getting really close. The picture is when we had dress up night; girl’s dressed up as boys and boys as girls.
Shae 2A