Tamika and Janelle's Student Leader Goals. Print
Written by Tamika and Janelle, Snowy Students, T2 2011   

Tamika and JanelleOn the 25th of May, Tamika and Janelle were student leaders.

Tamika: My personal goal was to speak loudly and clearly.

Janelle: My personal goal was to make the announcements more interesting.

Community goal: Warm fuzzy. Our community goal went really well and everyone got a note which was also really good. If you don’t know what a warm and fuzzy is, it’s where you get someone’s name out of a hat and you have to send them a friendly little note. Everyone really enjoyed the night.

Janelle: The Snowy River School has been a great experience so far. It is really different to what I thought it would be and I have had so much fun already. The best activity I would have to say so far would have to be surfing and when we saw the seal on the beach on expo one. I have met so many people and I think will be friends for life. Although our day is an early start (6.30am), we are still ready for the whole day ahead of us. The Snowy River School is a once in a life time experience.

Tamika: The first day I got to the Snowy River Campus and walked in the door everyone was staring at my group. But now that I’ve met pretty much everyone here it is really good and fun. We have heaps to think about when we leave here and are going to have heaps of memories. My highlight at the Snowy River Campus so far is surfing at East Cape and also seeing the seals in the water. I love getting up every morning and seeing everyone’s smiles and also seeing a lot of people getting out for a run in the mornings.