Emmanuel & Zoe: Student Leaders for the Day! Print
Written by Emmanuel and Zoe, Snowy Students, Term 2 2011   

Emmanuel and Zoe - Student Leaders for the Day!Emmanuel Nicolaides - Gladstone Park: My personal goal was to finish passport criteria seven by the end of passport class seven.

Zoe Belfield – Bairnsdale SC : My personal goal was to enjoy my day as student leader as it is my last time and to use my initiative to help out with my class pack ups.

Emmanuel: Our Community Goal is to finish headcount in less than 15 seconds with only three expo groups and to clean up the South Court Yard and Shoe box area.

Our Community Goal was achieved wonderfully by completing our headcount in 12.69 seconds as a record for 3 expo teams and cleaning the South Court Yard was achieved by everyone pitching in to clean up their designated area. As a bonus to our community goal we also held a game ‘The Priest Of the Parish’ which was not compulsory but amazingly the majority joined in during their free time to participate in a community activity!

Zoe : I have enjoyed all my time so far here at SRC. I have so many wonderful memories to share when I get home and I will recommend this program to anyone else. I enjoyed my time as student leader yesterday and had fun as well because it was my last time. The weeks here have flown and soon it will be time to go. I’m not sure whether that is a good thing or not though. I have gotten so use to the lifestyle here it will be hard to settle back in at home. I have loved the journey here at SRC and will always use the things that I have learnt here back home. This has been an experience never to forget.