A Walk in the Paddock Print

Yesterday we had an awesome day as Student Leaders, even though we were at Enviro Bike for the day. We rode 30 km through Marlo Plains and had a good look at logging coups. We learned about leaf debris and how it affects water flow, and logging procedures over the years. We mixed things up a bit at Community Walk, and walked through multiple paddocks, which was interesting and an adventure. At dinner, we split our peers into tables grouped with people from the same birth month.

The highlight of the day was running Core One’s ‘Minute to Win it’, which we did successfully. We did different activities, such as eating dry Weet-Bix and whistling and throwing bean bags into hoops blindfolded. Overall, our day was really successful, and everybody had a good time.

It was a perfect second-time at being Student Leader for both of us!

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