Raft Building - Term 2 Reflections #latergram Print

Today 1A went Raft-Building. Everyone got dressed in a pirate theme with face-paint, crazy clothes and bandanas. It was a cold day but luckily it didn’t rain and we still had a heap of fun. We decided to go for a modern Catamaran type of raft.

There was some trouble with all the rope lashes and attaching the logs and barrels together, but it obviously paid off as we got an amazing raft in the end that did not tip once and was the best raft Mrs. Francis had seen in 8 years ;) We had to canoe on our raft across the river, and then hop out and walk across the sand dunes. We had a map and that was leading us to our treasure. We found the treasure and it was, of course, a whole block of chocolate. We ate it all on the beach – which was good. When we were trying to climb up the dune a massive landslide came crashing down on and we almost died! Luckily it only took Kali’s water shoe. We canoed back across the river and then had to take apart our amazing raft. It was a great end to our amazing adventure!

By Kali and Bella - Horsham College