Friday Blog #3- Keishan Print

My name is Keishan Hunkar. I am 14 years old and attend Doncaster Secondary College.

This week has been amazing. We have done so many fun activities and Core 1 went on their first expo. Some of the highlights from this week have been Bridge Building and the Basic Food Hygiene Course. I really enjoyed the Bridge Building activity because it really helped my team come together to work as a team, instead of individuals, and helped us recognize what positions we take in the team. The Basic Food Hygiene course was awesome because not only did we get to learn things that we may not have known, and shared our knowledge we also had the opportunity to take away a certificate saying that we have completed the course, which we will receive at the end of our time here. We also got to go to the beach this week and had the opportunity to have a swim and take lots of awesome photos.

This week I set a few personal goals but the one I felt was most important was to have a conversation with everyone here and to learn something new about two different people. I managed to learn something new about four people, which made me happy because I was able to go further than the goal I set myself, and I managed to get a decent conversation with everyone.

This week has been an awesome week and I cannot wait for the rest to come ☺