Son and Caitlyn’s Day Print
Written by Son and Caitlyn, Snowy River Campus Students, Term 2A 2013   

Hi, I’m Son Nguyen and my partner is Caitlyn Jones. Our community goal as student leaders was to get everybody to class on time and to also get everybody to settle in with the class.

We did a good job but most people kept talking for a few minutes so not everyone settled in as quick. Everyone tried at certain times during the day though. It was really good being student leader because it made us realise how frustrating it can be standing up the front, waiting for people to listen. It was a good opportunity to be committed to our community, by being up the front at the right time so we could try to get everyone where they needed to be on time. We are getting better at being at class on time during the week. Being student leader give us the excitement because we have to uphold responsibilities for that day. We’re having fun and hope we can be student leader again.

Son- Reservoir HS and Caitlyn- Lara SC