How to Catch a Wave Print
Written by Tali and Callum, Snowy River Campus, Term 2A 2013   

How to catch a wave

Our names are Tali and Callum and we were student leaders on the 1st of May 2013. Today we had Passport and Surfing.

In surfing we went down to East Cape beach to meet the instructor. He taught us the correct way to stand up on the board by lifting your knees up, putting your feet on each side and attempting to stand. He also taught us how to catch a wave by arching your back up and riding the wave all the way to the shore. At the end of the class we were allowed to go out and have a normal swim. The waves were massive and everyone kept getting dumped. It was the funniest and most exciting time we’ve had while being here!

Tali- Reservior HS and Callum- Camperdown College