Sharing Goals Print
Written by Chanai and Nick, Snowy River Campus Students, Term 2a 2013   

Today it was more of an inside day for everybody, except for 1B that came back from expo at around 2:01pm. Most did just CLP, Passport and compass reading which everybody seemed to really enjoy. Our student leaders today were Riley & Tanisha. They achieved their goal quite well.

Yesterday as Nick and I were student leaders, we set the goal of trying to become closer with everybody and bond more as a community. We achieved our goal well, by playing a game before DEARR, of dodge ball which we believe went well, and hope it continues throughout the next 2 weeks.

Chanai – My personal goal was to be more respectful towards others by:

  • Being nicer
  • More polite
  • Be a good role model
  • Treat others how I want be treated.

Nick – My personal goal was to be more of a role model towards others by:

  • Doing things out of the blue, random acts of kindness
  • Doing the correct thing
  • Using my initiative
  • Thinking of others

All in all we are happy about being student leaders for the day, and found it very challenging at times, but worth it!

By Chanai- Lara SC & Nick- Gladstone Park SC