A week to go! Print
Written by Henry and Tallara, Snowy River Students, Term 2a 2013   

Today was our 28th day here at the Snowy River Campus. It was our final rest day and we were told to make the most of it. Two groups of people went surfing, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. They had a lot of fun by the sounds of it. The rest of us took the opportunity to work on our Passports and POLs. Passports are books that contain information about our time here and what we have learnt. POLs are Presentations of Learning which explain what we have learnt during our time here and how we have changed and developed as a person. A few of us also ironed the T-shirts which we will be taking home.

Overall, I think we all enjoyed our last rest day. It was a great opportunity for us to have a small break before heading onto the home stretch, with only a week left to go!

Henry, Fitzroy High School and Tallara, Melbourne Girls’ College.