2B Surfing Print

2B Ready for the WavesToday 2B went surfing for the first time since arriving here at SRC. We were all excited, some because they had never been surfing before and others because they hadn’t been surfing in a while.

It was a pretty cold looking afternoon, but we all so badly wanted to get out to the waves!  When we got down to East Cape we were introduced to our instructors for the next four lessons, Phil and Paul. We got on our wetsuits and hit the beach. When we got to the beach we were each given a surfboard and we decided to take a group photo. Then we got taught how we needed to lay on the board to catch waves.

After being taught that we went into the water, which was freezing and started working on catching waves and trying to kneel up on the board. Some of the team decided to go for the bigger waves, which were up the back more and some decided to get the small ones. When the really big ones started coming in, everyone soon realized why the teachers had made us wear helmets because it hurts when the board hits you on the head after being dunked by a wave. After catching waves back to shore you than had to fight them to get back out to the bigger better ones, because I can tell you, its hard carrying a surfboard and trying to fight the waves.

We went back onto the sand for a bit and got taught two ways to stand up. One way was harder than the other, but we all managed. Going back into the water after being out of it for a bit was hard because it was cold, but you got used to it after being in there for a while. After being taught how to stand up everyone kept trying and trying and trying. Kelsey and Jayden kept going under and were always being dumped by the waves they tried to catch. Chris, Eythen, Matt and Finn were all doing well at standing up and staying up by the end of the day. Katelyn, Jess, Carly and I all kept trying to stand up. Katelyn got up a few times and so did I. Carly kept falling off when she tried to get up and so did Jess.

When time came up for us to leave everyone wanted to stay and surf more, but we had to leave. So we packed up and got changed, packed the trailer and said goodbye to our instructors until next time when we go surfing. Hopefully next time everyone will be pumped and ready to go since our last session and everyone will be keen to try and stand up on the board!