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Did you know that 10% of the world’s population owns 90% of the world’s wealth?

This is one of the mind blowing facts we learnt yesterday as for we put ourselves in the shoes of the less fortunate. At lunch time we got put into random groups that represented the wealthy and the less fortunate. There were 4 wealthy people who got a three course meal and a fully dined table and there were 5 henchmen who sent the less fortunate people into jail if they complained about the food and there were 2 waiters who served the fortunate people.

The rest of us were the less fortunate - we had to sit on the floor in our “families” with our “house” made out of butcher’s paper. Alex and I were a family and between us we had to share 1 bowl of rice that we ate with our hands. This was a huge shock to the whole community and it was a real eye opener to how lucky we are.

It was surprising to see how many people complained but for many people around the world this is their everyday life style.

Alex and Ellie