Journey through the tunnel Print
enviro bike ride

Yesterday I was student leader and it was amazing, we did the enviro bike ride. I rode for the whole 26km, it was such a tough day but my expo team and I just kept our heads up high and just rode and in the end everyone loved it. Well apart from everyone having sore butts by the end. As for myself, yes I had a sore butt, but the next day I had a bad wrist. What an amazing day. I also found out that being here at the Snowy River Campus School for Student Leadership is that everyone here is amazing and they always support you no matter what the problem is. I also have learnt that the journey here is like a long dark tunnel, I didn’t know what was in the tunnel but I started to walk down the tunnel and now I’m just over half way through it and I have found so many people that care and support me. I hope they stay like this for the rest of my time here.

Lachie M- Wanganui Park SC