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Mirra - expo
start of something great,
2A becoming closer,
hard, yet amazing.

Story by Madison

Short story displaying the second day of Three day Expo! By Madison H Richmond- Elwood College

The paddle dived deep into the murky river as the canoe turned; the cold rush of the waves against our faces chilled us to the core. The wind was against us as the tides swarmed over the sides, we could hear thunder in the distant spooking some of the crew members. As we tried to regain distance against the wind we had lost distance with others that were too exhausted to continue. The captains rescued one crew that had smashed against the rocks as it slowly pulled them down stream. When we pushed onward crew members were motion sick against the side, the breaks we took didn’t help only making the next haul harder.¬† The only joy seen from the cold barely life-ful crew was the hope to make it to lunch, we had been promised hot drinks. As we staggered out the team was battered and bruised some unable to move from the seats as enthusiastic crew members dragged them from the seats and shoved them against a tree. The refuse was a near-by dunny, as we huddled together it smelled a horrible smell but the warmth was worth it. The first check-point was complete‚Ķ but I don’t think we will make the next.

Madison and Mirra