Today was a good day - a poem by Zoe and Brad Print

Today was a good day,
We started with CLP,
We got many issues out of the way,
Cooperation is the key,

Brad’s group finished the master plan,
Zoe’s group finished their plan for presentation day,
We went with the attitude of ‘we can’,
We hope it shall be a good day,

Community Service is what Brad did,
He walked on the beach,
Hopefully he helped a little kid,
Brad luckily found no Leach,

Zoe did Yoga,
Everyone was sound asleep,
They luckily didn’t have to where a Toga,
It helped her muscles a heap,

Gender night is on tonight,
We hope we don’t end in tears,
It will set our hearts alight,
We are writing this in DEARR,

We now say goodbye,
We hope you enjoyed this read,
Please don’t cry,
Go and do a good deed.

Zoe and Brad