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Raft building

It’s our last 2 days here at SRC everyone is making the most of the days and everyone is having a really good time and making everyone else’s time a nice time too.

So I am feeling really happy about going home I can’t wait to see everyone but I am sad to because I don’t want to leave everyone. My time at Snowy has been fantastic I have learnt so many new things and I have gained so much I can use at home. The one thing I have learnt that I will use at home and everywhere is self-confidence. At the start if my experience I was really shy but being here and I have been talking in front of everyone has made me not so shy. Being at Snowy has changed my life in a good way, I cannot wait to go home and share to everyone what I have learnt. I have loved my time here at Snowy if you are thinking of coming go please it will be the best thing in your life, I promise you.

Lauren, Braybrook