The Adventures of Archie Print

Today group two left for expo we wished them well on their journey. They are taking a different route because of the Snowy river is going into flood. Our first class was beliefs and values which I led with Chloe because we were both student leaders for the day, my goal for the day was working on my body language in presenting and I thought I did pretty well but there is still room to improve. After beliefs and values we had to work on our passports for the other half of the day, mine is coming along nicely but I need to get onto gathering evidence for my goals. After class we went to see the whale again which now stinks and did spirit spot in the dunes. We found out today that we weren’t going snorkelling tomorrow which is a bummer but hopefully we do something else fun instead.      

Today was a good day it was the first full day at campus without group two, things seemed quiet. There is so much room around the school with half the people here gone and I’m looking forward to their return to bring back that busy community feeling. Today we started off with our last master plan class we worked hard and now only need to put some finishing touches on it before it is done. My job was to do the project overview then put it all together. I am happy with the work I’ve done on it so far and think I can get it done by tonight. In this regard I think I have changed since the start of Snowy because I am no longer putting things off as much as I used to. The other thing we did today was water watch since we couldn’t go snorkelling because of shark warnings around the same area that we were meant to go on the beach. There are signs reading no swimming due to the 12 foot White Pointer spotted out there by Ranger Mike while he was taking his daughter down to see the whale. Water watch was fun anyway but I would have liked to see the shark. In water watch we learnt about the Snowy River and how to tell if water way is healthy by looking at bugs and other things.

Archie- Mallacoota P-12