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This morning we worked on our CLP’s and later in the day went to the beach to do an activity called Coasteering.

We spent our CLP class time completing our master plan and writing the script for our presentation. We’ve had to change our CLP idea to a portable mural for the school I re-did the action plan and organised the dates.

Halfway through the class I had to leave to run a parent information session for some of the kids attending the SSL in term 1 next year. Mr Morton asked Michael and I to help him with it as we were student leaders for the day. We were both a little nervous beforehand but it ran really smoothly. I quite enjoyed giving advice to them and reflecting on my time at SSL.

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For Coasteering I was in a group with Belle, Karys, and Michael. Coasteering is a form of orienteering but along the coast line. We had to climb over the rocks from west cape to East Cape. My group ended up taking the wrong track and going through a bush bike track instead of over the rocks. It was good to spend time with some different people and I quite enjoyed the activity.

Being student leader today I really noticed how I’d improved in my public speaking from last time. I hardly looked at the paper and always projected my voice.

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