Local Learning Project Day - 9/11/16 Print

This Wednesday Snowy River Campus had our LLP day which stands for Local Learning Project. Orbost Primary School came for the day and we all had the best time with them. The task was for us to get into small groups of about three and create a presentation for our local primary school kids. We were all given a topic we had to teach the kids about. Some of the groups presentation were rock pools, bush safety, native animals, whale and lots more. We were all really eager for LLP and when the day came everyone was excited.

The day started off by us getting our buddies and playing games with them. After a few games each we got into our rotation groups and went to our first class with the kids. We then moved onto the second class after about 20 minutes and then sat down and had morning tea with them. It was great because everyone was getting to know the primary school kids and I enjoyed getting to know my buddy and all of the other kids. We then had rotation 3 and 4. I really liked interacting with kids, I loved planning the presentation and teaching the kids about the local area. I hope the primary kids learnt a lot and took something away from all of our presentations. We all had lunch and then said goodbye.

My highlight for the day was after lunch playing Food and Water and a big game of tag with everyone. We all had so much fun and it was a great way to finish off the day. LLP was a great learning experience for us being the teachers and learning to keep our presentations interesting. All in all, it was a wonderful day and a beneficial learning experience.

By Charlotte S and Grace B

Local Learning Project Day