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Starting in 2015, we will be showing some M-rated films to students. For this we require a new M-Rated Film consent form to be filled out by all parents and for them to read a short bio of each film which has been included below.

All chosen movies have been reviewed by teaching staff and deemed appropriate for use in our program. We will provide adult supervision while screening movies and review movies with students if/as necessary. By law, adult supervision is recommended while screening M-rated movies for any person less than 15 years of age.

  • Into the Wild
  • Freedom Writers
  • White Squall
  • One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest
  • Go Back to Where you Came From
  • Good Will Hunting
  • Castaway
  • Seven Pounds
  • Coach Carter
  • Pursuit of Happyness
  • Tomorrow When the War Began
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Snowy Lessons - An Overview Print E-mail

This section highlights a number of the unique lessons students get to experience at the Snowy River Campus. In designing the local curriculum we have aimed to select classes which are relevant, enjoyable, engaging and integrated with learning from the core School for Student Leadership educational program.

Our unique program at Snowy focuses on engaging the students in activities which allow them to explore and learn about the local environment and cultures; both indigenous and non-indigenous. Gaining a sense of belonging in local places through knowledge and experience is a key learning outcome.

Providing safe and enjoyable outdoor experiences which facilitate the practical application of knowledge gained from Thinking and Learning, Peer Skills, Leadership and Teamwork classes is another primary objective of the localised program.

Snowy Lessons - Bridge Building Print E-mail
Bridge BuildingOne of the initial team activities undertaken at the SRC is known as “Bridge Building”.

During this activity, the team are challenged to build a stable 'bridge' which will allow the whole group to get out to, and unload, a canoe safely.

Bridge building is often the first point during the term when the students begin to feel comfortable with their new team mates, and as such, an essential bond within the group forms.

Snowy Lessons - Caving Print E-mail

CavingAs part of the Snowy River Campus outdoor program, each term we make the journey to the famous Buchan Caves approximately a 45 minute drive from the campus with each core group.

We get the opportunity to see active show caves to learn about stalactites, stalagmites and other cave features. The Fairy cave and Royal cave provide much natural and human history and many beautiful photo opportunities.

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Local Learning ProjectMarlo and the surrounding Gippsland area are home to some amazing and magnificent flora and fauna, with a wide range of landscapes and plenty of history.

The students attending the Snowy River Campus often come from a range of environments and backgrounds; we think it’s important for them to develop a sense of place and awareness for the area they will be spending nine weeks of their lives in.

Snowy Lessons - Mountain Biking Print E-mail

Mountain Bike RidingAt the Snowy River Campus (SRC), our hard tail mountain bikes allow us to have all sorts of adventures throughout the Marlo Plains and surrounding districts.

Firstly, the students complete a half-day Cycle-On Bike Ed lesson, which gives them all the basic skills to control a bike and ride in group formations. Once complete, the students can ride on our very own on-campus single trail, which was designed and built by past students.


School for Student Leadership - Student Equity Fund The Student Equity Fund enables people who share our vision of transformative education to contribute to this outstanding program and help ensure it is affordable and accessible for all students in the public education system.


School For Student Leadership

School for Student Leadership is a Victorian Department of Education and Training (DET) initiative offering a unique residential education experience for year nine students. The curriculum focuses on personal development and team learning projects sourced from students' home regions. There are four campuses in iconic locations across Victoria. The Alpine School Campus is located at Dinner Plain in the Victorian Alps. Snowy River Campus is near the mouth of the Snowy River at Marlo in east Gippsland. The third site is adjacent to Mount Noorat near Camperdown in Victoria’s Western District, and is called Gnurad-Gundidj. After consultation with the local aboriginal community, this name represents both the indigenous name of the local area and an interpretation of the statement "belonging to this place". Our fourth and newest campus, currently known as the Don Valley Campus is located at Don Valley, Yarra Ranges.
Our school community acknowledges the Gunaikurnai and Monero-Ngarigo people as the traditional custodians of the land upon which our school campus is built. We pay our respects to all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, their Elders past and present, and especially whose children attend our school.